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The Whole Brain Catalog is an open source Java project to construct an interactive 3D virtual collaboration environment centered around the multi-scale data of the mouse brain.


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Drag and Drop 3D in a web browser
We’ve extracted the 3D java applet functionality using the JMonkeyEngine and Vaadin from the Whole Brain Catalog Web and made it its own project.  Today, we’ve added drag and drop functionality.  Check it out: discuss this
Brain Screensaver?
Andrew Noske, one of our talented group members, proposed an interesting idea at the inaugural Dangerous Ideas social that we hold weekly at 4pm PST on Thursdays. Check it out below: Please upgrade your browser discuss this
Gems of the programming world in 2010
We are always interested to find new sources of inspiration to help us figure out where technology is headed.  This year, we have come across several excellent sources of technology news that is relevant to doing open source programming online, with technologies such as java, GWT, python, etc.  Most people know of Slashdot.org as a [...] discuss this

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